Product Oversight & Consumer Success Lead



Stockholm, Sweden
Posted on Friday, July 14, 2023
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About the job.
Klarna is currently establishing a new UK regulated subsidiary, Klarna Financial Services UK . The Product Oversight & Consumer Success Lead oversees all new and existing products and services impacting UK consumers. In this role, you will closely collaborate with the UK Payment Method and Klarna Card product managers. These product managers are accountable for their products on the UK market, but it’s your responsibility to ensure that product and customer journey design decisions for the UK market are made with a clear focus on providing good consumer outcomes and are compliant with UK regulatory requirements. It’s also crucial to facilitate smoooth collaboration with Klarna UK stakeholders.
The Product Oversight & Consumer Success Lead will oversee:
The delivery of fair consumer outcomes: The POCS Lead will collaborate with Klarna's product teams to ensure that Klarna UK's target outcomes are met and that all products are delivered to the satisfaction of KFSUK's consumers.
New product development: Oversee and ensure that new product changes relating to KFSUK consumers and products meet Klarna UK's compliance requirements and strategy. The POCS Lead will be notified through Klarna’s New Product Approval (“NPA”) impact assessment process, and will attend sessions with Klarna’s Product Teams and Domains to provide steer.
KFSUK product practices through policies, instructions and routines. The POCS Lead will be responsible for maintaining Klarna UK specific instructions and routines.
Performing a Certified Function
The Product Oversight & Consumer Success Lead role is considered a ‘Certified Function’ due to their involvement in regulated activities as stipulated by KFSUK's regulatory obligations, specifically the Product & Consumer Success Regime.
As this role is a Certified Function, an assessment will be regularly (at least annually) conducted for the Product & Consumer Success Lead to certify they are fit and proper to perform their responsibilities, function efficiently and in line with conduct expectations. This assessment takes into account integrity, knowledge, competence, experience and qualifications. Assessments are conducted regularly to reassess if the function changes. The outcome of each assessment is a certificate that states that KFSUK is satisfied that the person is a fit and proper person to perform the Certification Function. Details of the assessment process, and expectations on those appointed to a certified function are outlined in theSenior Managers & Certification Regime UK Instruction (Final 20220927).

About your responsibilities.

  • Report to the Global Klarna Payment Methods Domain (as part of the US/UK Market Success team) and also the Klarna UK Head of Operations.
  • Collaborate with other Payment Methods teams, such as the teams responsible for the purchase flow, underwriting, app experience and communicationsAttend the Klarna UK Audit, Compliance, Operations and Risk Committee (“ACORC”) as required to report to Klarna UK senior management. The Klarna UK ACORC will discuss material decisions relating to upcoming product change.
  • Attend Klarna’s NPAC, to represent the input from Klarna UK in the impact assessment stage. For material decisions, the POCS Lead will attend NPAC alongside the Head of KFSUK.
  • Regularly review and update Klarna’s policies and Klarna UK instructions and routines to ensure compliance with the UK regulatory requirements.
  • Develop and manage key stakeholder relationships across the Klarna business with a view to enabling your team and others to deliver good customer outcomes.

About what you’ll need.

  • Bachelor's degree in a relevant field such as Finance or Business Administration.
  • 7+ years of experience operating and development of products within a financial services firm with a focus on delivering great consumer outcomes.
  • Knowledge and understanding of UK regulations and consumer protections to be able to ensure compliance.
  • Proven ability to lead a team and develop a culture of collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement.
  • Strong analytical skills with the ability to identify and mitigate incidents.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills with the ability to effectively communicate complex Product & Consumer Success policies to a variety of internal and external stakeholders.Ability to act as a subject matter expert and represent KFSUK in discussions with the UK regulator.
  • Ability to build up expertise quickly over multiple topics and areas.
  • Proven ability to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams and cultivating robust partnerships with stakeholders at a Director level in various Klarna AB (“KBAB”) Domains and teams.
  • It is preferable if candidates can demonstrate an understanding of collections, arrears and forbearance practices or have experience in developing and implementing policies that align with business objectives and regulatory requirements.
  • Proven track record of delivering successful operations and providing a positive consumer experience.
What we offer:
Diversity & Community
With our diversity of skills, perspectives and backgrounds, we can create, innovate, and disrupt like no other. Diversity is part of who we are, and essential to our success.
Ownership & Impact
Here, every voice matters. We’re organized into hundreds of small teams, each run like a start-up, focused on their own problem-space.
Trust & Collaboration
Successes and failures are won together at Klarna in a melting pot of teams. Win, lose, and learn, we’re on this path together.
If you love what you do, you should love where you do it. We appreciate that everyone’s different and has their own preferences of where and how to work. We genuinely believe in the power of regular face-to-face interactions in building close connections with our teams, but we also strongly believe people can work effectively remotely. This means that combining both is the key to success.
At Klarna, You can choose between working from the office, hybrid within your employment country, or even outside of it for up to 20 working days per year. Flex it up! 
Challenges & Rewards
We take a very Swedish approach to benefits. Support for parents, health and wellness perks—we’ve got you covered.
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