Head of Product - HealthTech



Madrid, Spain
Posted on Tuesday, December 19, 2023

About us

IDOVEN is a health tech startup seeking to prevent cardiac disease through AI. With our breakthrough AI-based electrocardiogram analysis platform, we work with physicians and healthcare leaders to enable early detection and diagnosis at scale.

This is a unique opportunity. With the backing of the best investors in the industry, the European Innovation Council (EIC) and Horizon 2020 European Commission, you'll have the responsibility and resources to shape the creation of a game-changing product that can save millions of lives.

Our technology is recognised with the European Seal of Excellence, supported by EIT Health (network of best-in-class health innovators backed by the EU) and received the Healthy Longevity Catalyst Award from the U.S. National Academy of Medicine. In 2021, we were awarded in South Summit as Most Disruptive Startup and Best Health Startup. We are one of the most promising European technology companies to watch.

The position

Reporting to the CTO, as the Head of Product at Idoven, you would oversee and drive the product strategy, development, and success. As part of the Product, Engineering, Data and Research team, your role would involve a wide range of responsibilities.

What you will do

    • Product Strategy: Defining and refining the overall product vision, goals, and roadmap in alignment with the company's objectives. You would be responsible for identifying market opportunities, conducting market research, and understanding customer needs and preferences to develop a competitive product strategy.
    • Team Leadership: Building and leading a high-performing product team. This includes hiring and mentoring product managers, designers, and other team members, fostering a collaborative and innovative culture, and providing guidance and support to ensure the team's success.
    • Product Development: Managing the end-to-end product development process, from conceptualization to launch. This involves working closely with cross-functional teams such as engineering, design, marketing, and sales to ensure the timely and efficient delivery of high-quality products. You would oversee product roadmaps, prioritize features, and make strategic decisions to meet business objectives.
    • User Experience: Ensuring a seamless and delightful user experience across the product. You would work closely with designers and UX researchers to understand user behaviour, gather feedback, and iterate on the product design. Your goal would be to create intuitive, user-centric products that effectively address customer pain points and deliver value.
    • Product Metrics and Analytics: Defining and tracking key product metrics to assess performance, measure success, and drive data-informed decision-making. You would use tools and analytics platforms to gather insights, conduct A/B tests, and identify areas for improvement. You would also collaborate with data analysts to derive actionable insights from user behaviour and market trends.
    • Stakeholder Management: Collaborating with various stakeholders, including executives, investors, and customers, to gather feedback, communicate product updates, and ensure alignment. You would represent the product team in meetings, present product roadmaps, and manage expectations while building solid relationships with key stakeholders.
    • Market and Competitive Analysis: Continuously monitor market trends, customer needs, and competitor activities to stay ahead of the curve. You would conduct market research, competitor analysis and stay informed about emerging technologies and industry developments that may impact the product's success.
    • Product Marketing and Launch: Collaborating with the marketing team to develop go-to-market strategies, positioning, messaging, and product launch plans. You ensure the product features and benefits are effectively communicated to the target audience, driving user adoption and revenue growth.
    • Continuous Improvement: Promoting a culture of constant improvement within the product team and the organization. This includes soliciting feedback, conducting retrospectives, and implementing processes and frameworks to enhance product development efficiency, quality, and innovation.
    • Customer Advocacy: Acting as a champion for customers and representing their interests within the organization. You would gather customer feedback, conduct user research, and use customer insights to effectively drive product improvements and address pain points.

Our industry has a close relationship between regulatory and product responsibilities. For this, the Head of Product will take ownership of:

  1. Compliance Management: Ensuring the product and its development processes comply with relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards. This may involve understanding and adhering to data protection and privacy regulations, security standards, consumer protection laws, and any other applicable legal requirements.
  2. Risk Assessment and Mitigation: Identifying potential risks and assessing their impact on the product and the business. This includes evaluating regulatory risks and developing strategies to mitigate them effectively. You would collaborate with legal and compliance teams to understand and address any legal or compliance-related risks associated with the product.
  3. Regulatory Research and Monitoring: Staying updated on regulatory changes and developments that could affect the product or industry. This involves conducting research, monitoring industry news, and participating in relevant forums or associations to stay informed about evolving regulations. You need to assess the impact of regulatory changes on the product and work with the appropriate teams to ensure compliance.
  4. Documentation and Reporting: Ensuring all necessary documentation and records are maintained to demonstrate compliance with regulations. This includes creating and maintaining regulatory documentation, such as policies, procedures, and compliance reports. You may also be responsible for preparing and submitting regulatory filings or reports as required.
  5. Collaboration with Legal and Compliance Teams: Working closely with the legal and compliance teams to ensure alignment and effective management of regulatory requirements. This involves seeking legal guidance, collaborating on compliance initiatives, and providing input on the impact of regulations on product development and strategy.
  6. Training and Awareness: Promoting a culture of regulatory compliance within the organization by providing training and awareness sessions to relevant stakeholders. This includes educating the product team and other departments on their roles and responsibilities concerning regulatory compliance.
  7. Market and Competitive Analysis: As the Head of Product, you play a crucial role in understanding the market landscape and conducting competitive analysis. This includes analyzing pricing models and strategies of competitors within the industry. By evaluating how similar products are priced, you can gain insights into market expectations and ensure that your product's pricing remains competitive.
  8. Value Proposition: The Head of Product works closely with the product team to define and communicate the product's value proposition. Pricing is a critical component of the value proposition, as it directly impacts how customers perceive the product's worth. By understanding the product's unique features, benefits, and differentiation, you can determine an appropriate pricing strategy that aligns with its value.
  9. Revenue and Profitability Analysis: The Head of Product collaborates with the finance and business teams to analyze the financial impact of different pricing strategies. This involves evaluating pricing models about revenue goals, profit margins, and overall business objectives. By assessing the cost structure, target market, and demand elasticity, you can provide insights to help determine optimal pricing levels that maximize revenue and profitability.
  10. Pricing Strategy and Model Development: Based on market analysis, customer insights, and financial considerations, the Head of Product contributes to developing pricing strategies and models. This includes determining pricing tiers, packaging options, discounts, and promotions. You would work closely with the sales and marketing teams to align pricing decisions with market positioning, target audience, and sales strategies.